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Steam shower information


A steam shower is an excellant innovation for todays modern bathroom setting.  It will help you relax and ease away the day to days stresses.  To ensure a smooth installation of your new Aquaplus steam shower we recommend these guidelines are followed.


Steam showers operate from a balanced supply of hot and cold water between 1.5 and 3 bar.  Usually when connecting to water systems such as those supplied from a combi boiler a pressure equalising valve is usually required to ensure that the water is fed at a balanced rate.  Also you should fit full bore isolating valves to the hot and cold water supplies - this ensures that a full flow of water is fed through the mixer ensure a higher flow rate.  An uneven supply of water could damage the thermostatic valve.


To keep the glass free from limescale and to prevent deposits of soap sticking to the glass you can apply "Showerguard" to the glass before first use to give a lifelong protection and also to make the glass a lot easier to clean.  Showerguard can only be applied prior to first use.


If you wish to listen to your favourite tracks through your new Aquaplus steam shower without the need to carry out extensive wiring you can now do that thanks to the new iShower, wireless music transmitter.  Simply connect the iShower to the music output from your CD player, hifi or ipod and pair it to the receiver inside your Aquaplus steam shower or selected model of Aquaplus whirlpool bath.  Works up to a distance of 30 feet.


To prevent damage from scale buildup inside the steam generator a water softener should be fitted inline to the shower installation in hard water areas.


The elderly, infirm and young children must be supervised by a responsible adult when they are using the shower.