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Welcome to the world of Whirlpool Bathrooms the leading UK supplier of luxury bathroom furniture, bathroom suites, whirlpool baths, steam showers, shower rooms, taps, basins, toilets and many more stunning bathroom accessories at unbeatable prices.

Indulgence in bathing has taken a whole new concept with the introduction of the whirlpool bath. Not only are you able to bathe in total tranquillity within the confines of your own bathroom, but you can also experience the latest in remote controlled technical features such as radio, stereo, CD, Ipod and MP3 music.

Over the last decade the bathroom has been revolutionised with the introduction of exceptional bathroom accessories such as the steam shower, whirlpool bath alongside many more luxury items. These iconic products enable the bathroom suite to offer the finest showering and bathing experiences whilst combining the latest in remote controlled gadgets with a mass of amazing heath giving attributes.

More and more people are seeing the unrivalled benefits of investing in the latest bathroom furniture and bathroom suites. This in turn has resulted in a large increase in the purchase of unique and exquisite bathroom accessories from UK home owners searching to create a luxury retreat within the realms of their bathrooms.

Whirlpool Bathrooms are proud to offer an unbridled luxury within the bathroom by offering such revolutionary systems as the steam room and whirlpool baths. These amazing systems have been innovatively created to provide a unique bathing and massage experience all through strategically positioned jets that expel a mixture of air and water. Each whirlpool bathtub features a small pump which is regulated to provide the massaging sensation whilst also circulating the water to create bubbles and ripples which add to the tranquillity of the invigorating soak. This is all created through a selection of air holes situated in the base of the bathtubs and the water jets that are located around the sides. Another impressive feature to help you relax is the chromo therapy lighting or mood enhancement lights. These ingenious lights are situated within the sides of the whirlpool spa bath and feature a fantastic array of tranquil colours that are specifically created to help soothe, alleviate tension and remove the stress and strains of everyday life. 

The whirlpool bathtubs come in a vast array of conventional sizes and shapes allowing even the smallest of bathrooms the option of featuring a whirlpool system. If like many home owners your bathroom suite is full of unique shapes then why not consider one of our whirlpool corner baths? The whirlpool corner baths are perfect for those hard to fit bathrooms which provide very limited space.

Whirlpool Bathrooms offers something for everyone. Whether it is a modern bathroom suite, the latest new bathroom furniture, a set of beautiful bathroom taps, a stunning ceramic or glass wash basin, an exquisite vanity unit or just something simple to brighten up your bathroom then you will find that we can suit every taste imaginable.

All of our bathroom suites, bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories are priced at unbelievably low rates making it possible for any family to afford.  So why not give us a call today and ask about our low cost and discounted range of accessories?

If you prefer to experience these wonderful systems first hand then why not visit our bespoke showrooms in person and see truly how exquisite these systems really are? With a stockholding in excessive of 500 models you can rest assured that your desired model will be in stock.

So why not add a new level of comfort to your bathroom by introducing a new bathroom suite, maybe a new toilet and basin or possibly transform your bathroom with some of the latest bathroom furniture? Whatever decision you come to you can relax in the knowledge that every product we sell is sourced for beauty, quality and cost. For further details on our selection bathroom accessories please contact one of our dedicated advisors today.